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Migratory procedures

With the institutional letter of acceptance that CGCI elaborates and sends to the Coordinator of Exchange of your institution, you can start the legal procedures to enter to Mexico with a student visa.

Legal base

The Constitución de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos (mexican law) in its article 42 describes the students who stays for more than three months in our country, they must enter to Mexico with a student visa to start their studies in any official education center.

If your stay lasts less than three months the tourist visa is enough, so you can stay in the country for a period from 30 to 60 days. Both migratory states are recognized as non-inmigrant because they hasn't the goal of living in Mexico.

Visa procedure

To obtain the student visa you must meet the representative of the consulship of the mexican ambassadorship nearer to you, to request the prerrequisites which applies to your country. This document lets you enter into the country as student and stay under juridic certainity.

To find the consulship office or ambassadorship of Mexico nearest to you, please refer to the section of external representatives in the website of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

The basic documents required for this procedure are:

  • Official form of Entrance to Mexico
  • Valid passport
  • Letter of sign-up in the education institution recognized officially where the student wants to register, or a letter of the education institution written in headed paper and signed by the person authorized to accept registrations in foreign schools. In any case, the document must specify the level, grade, time or areas of study where the student wants to register.
  • Proof of economic reliability for its support during the stay (bank statement, scholarships, etc).

National register for external students

Once you enter to Mexico and you have solved your migratory situation, you must sign-up in the Registro Nacional de Extranjeros (RNE) inside the next 30 days after your entrance to the country.

The RNE es a procedure required by the Federal Government and the UdeG brings you the legal assistance for free through the Unity of Migratory Services, which belongs to the Office of General Lawyer who takes care of the cases sent by the General Coordination of Cooperation and Internationalization; that's why you must first communicate there. The legal assistance is for free but the student must cover all the fees and custom duties required.

Remember that once registered, any change of your migratory status must be informed to RNE in a period not major than 30 days after the change.

This procedure is independent of any other related with your studies at the University of Guadalajara.

Source: The information of international section was provided by the General Coordination for Cooperation and Internationalization.